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Patient testimonials

Patricia Hart

Inflammatory myopathy caused by a reaction to metals in orthopedic implants

My mother, Patricia, has been a vibrant, energetic and independent person all her life, but in 2009 she was diagnosed with Inflammatory Myopathy. Although she had lived an incredibly healthy life, neurologists said her muscles would continue to weaken over time.

I initiated my own research, trying to discover what could have triggered the inflammation. Time was of the essence, since my mother’s health began deteriorating soon after she was diagnosed.

If not for Dr. Vera Stejskal’s incredible invention of the MELISA blood test, my mother would have continued to suffer unnecessarily, although her first revision was a failed prosthesis. When we learned about the MELISA test from a dermatologist to whom my mother was referred by her orthopaedic surgeon, it saved her quality of life.

Astonishingly, my mother’s symptoms were caused by an allergic reaction to the metals, mainly nickel and cobalt, used in her hip and knee replacements – not due to faulty implant devices. My theory, linking my mother’s muscle problems with her orthopaedic implants, was considered far-fetched and unlikely. At the time, the existence of metal induced allergy was not widely recognized.

In Feb 2012, my mother’s neurologist deemed the theory a medical breakthrough connecting Inflammatory Myopathy to metal allergies creating my mother’s health deterioration. The neurologist stated: “This case will enlighten many patients suffering from what appears to be an obscure connection, when in fact, it is proved to be valid due to Patrica’s reaction once the types of metals were revised from Nickel-Cobalt-Chromium to Titanium.” She did not show signs of being allergic to Titanium.

My mother is the first known case in the United States to be diagnosed from Inflammatory Myopathy initiated from the metals in her implants creating an allergy leading to toxicity. Her neurologist stated it had reached toxic levels due to her muscles beginning to deteriorate.

We are extremely grateful to the wonderful team, clinical and non-clinical, behind the scenes at MELISA. The customer service is personable and compassionate with immediate follow-up and availability for any additional questions.

My mother’s dermatologist has stated, “This new medical connection could help countless patients with metal joint replacements and diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, if a metal allergy is proved by the patch testing and/or LTT MELISA testing.”

I have written about my mother’s true story in the book Steel Standing, which depicts the entire journey from the first implant to the recent neurologist’s report stating that this is a medical breakthrough. We give a tremendous amount of credit to MELISA for being instrumental in my mother’s return to health!

Christa Davis, Centre, Alabama, USA
February 2012
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