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Patient testimonials

Danelle Filby

Managing multiple sclerosis through removal of dental restorations and detoxification.

I was diagnosed with Relapsing Remitting Multiple Sclerosis in August 2011 at the age of 30. An MRI scan showed two large lesions in my brain, my neurologist was very concerned due to their size.

Over a six year period prior to being diagnosed I had had the following symptoms: Double vision, numbness in my arms, itchiness of the upper body, fatigue, blurred vision and loss of taste. After diagnosis I had some conventional treatment with steroids and interferon but decided to stop this treatment due to the numerous side-effects.
I began to research more about MS and the immune system and I learned about heavy metals and how they can affect the immune system. My husband James found the MELISA website online and I had the MELISA metal allergy test. The results came back showing that I had a strongly positive allergy to nickel and a positive allergy to titanium. So I began to eliminate my exposure to these metals: I had my nickel bridge removed. I also had the root canal tooth removed due to an unknown metal filling and the bacteria they may harbour. I began to use natural makeup and stopped wearing sunscreens (I was using ones with titanium dioxide) and I switched to a natural toothpaste that contains neither titanium dioxide nor fluoride, I used chlorella to help with detoxification.

Five months later in July 2012 I had another MRI and my Multiple Sclerosis lesions had gone. As of December 2012 I am symptom free. I am still on no medication. I have gained my life back

Update: February 2014
Danelle contacted MELISA to let us know that she’s still symptom free and feeling “fantastic” Danelle has even taken up boxing to improve her fitness levels.

Danelle Filby, Wodonga, Australia
December 2012