Symptom Checker

This symptom check is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended for diagnosis or self-treatment. It is not intended to replace a clinical diagnosis. It may provide useful information about your exposure to metals and provide a preliminary indication of whether type IV metal allergy should be investigated. You should consult a medical professional in matters relating to your health.

1. Do you have exposure to metals from any of the following sources?
2. Do you have any of these atopic/allergic conditions?
3. Do you suffer from any of the following autoimmune diseases?
4. Have you had allergic or skin reaction to any of the following?
5. Have you suffered any of these symptoms after dental treatment?
6. Have you experienced any unexplained symptoms after surgery?
7. Have you suffered from either unexplained fatigue or from conditions associated with fatigue?
8. Do any members of your close family suffer from the following conditions?