The test kit for MELISA testing is containing:
• 2-10 x blue top vacuette tubes (9ml)
• 1 x red top serum tube (8ml)

Filling the blue tubes is a priority. Please leave the red tube for last; this does not, strictly speaking, need to be included. The lab can provide pooled human serum if a patient cannot draw enough blood for the red tube.

A priority list can be included with the requisition form, listing the most important metals/substances to test first, and the others in descending order.

Tubes must be filled to the black fill line. If tubes cannot be filled to the black line there may not be enough blood cells to set up testing for all substances ordered.

black line

If possible spin the red tube only for 10 minutes at 1800 – 2200 rcf/g.

The blood samples should all be kept at room temperature and dispatched immediately as they need to be processed at the lab within 48 hours.

For more information see HERE or contact [email protected]