Improving patient health through personalised testing

Symptom check

Metal sensitivity testing

Exposure to metals in dental fillings and implants, joint prostheses, pacemakers, environmental pollutants and jewellery can lead to health problems in susceptible individuals.

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Lyme disease testing

MELISA improves laboratory diagnosis by confirming active disease in patients with clinical symptoms of Lyme.

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FDA Statement and Metal Hypersensitivity

The FDA has issued a statement addressing the concerns about the bio-compatibility and function of medical devices. Our conference in November 2018 mirrored these concerns

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Download our leaflets on various topics such as metal hypersensitivity in orthopaedics, dentistry, spinal surgery and titanium implants.

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September 25, 2020

FDA statement on amalgam

People with known heightened sensitivity (allergy) to mercury or other components of dental amalgam should not get amalgam fillings, according to FDA’s new directives on

August 26, 2020

Knee Hypersensitivity Webinar

Metal Hypersensitivity in Knee Replacement Surgery Webinar recording Consultant Orthopaedic surgeons, Alberto Gregori and David Donaldson discuss the prevalence of hypersensitivity, symptoms post-op and how

July 15, 2020

MELISA Summer Newsletter

The MELISA Summer Newsletter focuses on autoimmune diseases, inflammation and metal hypersensitivity. We cover an uplifting story of a nickel-allergic client who is now feeling

April 14, 2020

MELISA Spring Newsletter

The latest Newsletter is out, the MELISA team are focusing on maintaining a healthy immune system and advice from functional medicine doctors. MELISA Spring Newsletter

December 23, 2019

1st International Master Class of Ceramic Implantology 7-8 February

The following conference is organised to with the aim to make the healthcare profession aware of the increase in diseases related to metal hypersensitivity and

October 1, 2019

New FDA statement on metal-induced adverse reactions from implants

In November, FDA will discuss the topic of immunological responses to metal-containing products regulated as medical devices. The discussion will focus on metal-containing implants as

August 20, 2019

3rd Annual IAOMT European Conference

On 11-12th October we’ll be presenting “Systemic effects of metal restorations and implants due to hypersensitivity: MELISA testing and case studies” at The International Academy

June 30, 2019

MELISA Summer Newsletter

Our summer newsletter is out with the latest from the FDA about allergy to medical devices, concerns over titanium nanoparticles, LTT testing in failing knee

May 29, 2019

Danelle Filby talks about her MS recovery

Video: Part 1.  Danelle’s inspirational recovery story from multiple sclerosis as told to Dr Bruce Fox, she removed metals from her mouth that she was

May 29, 2019

MetDetox Conference, June 10-13, Berlin

Olaf Beckord will be speaking about MELISA as a tool for identifying metals as inflammatory triggers and MELISA will have an exhibition stand so please

  • “MELISA is a fundamental cornerstone of my practice."

    Dr Mary Ellen Chalmers, DMD

    Functional Medicine Based Dentistry, Santa Rosa, CA, USA

  • “I have many patients that are interested in this type of testing associated with implants. Thank you for the great work you have done.”

    Dr Scott Schroeder, Podiatric Physician and Surgeon

    Foot & Ankle Center, Wenatchee, WA, USA

  • “A type IV metal allergy is often overlooked as a culprit in many of today's chronic illnesses. MELISA testing gives targeted information on what needs to be avoided. Many patients get their life back with this information instead of remaining chronically ill for the rest of their days.”

    Dr Toril Jelter MD, General Practitioner & Pediatrician

    Mount Diablo Integrated Wellness Center, Walnut Creek, CA, USA

  • “Working in holistic dentistry I use an integrated approach and treat the patient as a whole, focusing on the dental need in the larger context of the person’s overall well-being. MELISA provides me with invaluable information for the most suitable materials to be used.”

    Dr Goran D. Stojanovic, Dental Surgeon

    The Ella Clinic, London, UK

2 weeks ago

Melisa Diagnostics

When MELISA attended the FDA Medical Devices meeting last year, we highlighted the lack of awareness - amongst medical professionals and manufacturers alike - about the risk of hypersensitivity to metal implants in a minority of patients. Those who raise concerns about their metal allergy are often told by their surgeons that it won’t be a problem. We are therefore delighted that the FDA has issued a recommendation regarding labelling of Nitinol, commonly used in medical devices; "Warning: This device contains nitinol, an alloy of nickel and titanium. Persons with allergic reactions to these metals may suffer an allergic reaction to this implant. Prior to implantation, patients should be counselled on the materials contained in the device, as well as potential for allergy/hypersensitivity to these materials."
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1 month ago

Melisa Diagnostics

ndu Clinic is an integrated health clinic in London, focusing on holistic, non-metallic dentistry. Dr Goran Stojanovic answers frequently asked questions, among others: What is the difference between 2D and 3D dental scans? What are the best non-metallic materials to use? Is fluoride safe? What can MELISA testing be used for? What is functional orthodontics? Is dental gold safe? Is detoxification after metal-removal needed? The interview is in English with Spanish subtitles. ... See MoreSee Less

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