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The British Society for Ecological Medicine and MELISA Diagnostics held a joint conference on the topic of the systemic effects of metals and role of metal allergy in chronic disease.

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Lectures include:

  • – Prof Chris Exley –  “Mr Aluminium” – discussing the effects of aluminium adjuvants found in vaccines
  • – Rebecca Dutton describing how she supports those with scoliosis and hypersensitivity to the metals in their spinal rods
  • – Mr Simon Ellis, a consultant knee surgeon, explains how to make good choices for metal allergic patients to ensure the best possible outcomes
  • – Dr Scott Schroeder presents case histories from patients who made remarkable recoveries after the removal of metals to which they were allergic
  • – Olaf Beckord gives an overview of how to test for metal allergy using the blood test MELISA, and the science and studies supporting the test
  • – Dr John McLaren-Howard talks about different ways nickel can effect the body and presents a particular cases where nickel effected fertility

The conference was held in memory of Prof Vera Stejskal, inventor of the MELISA test