Patient test kit order

Thank you for choosing MELISA testing. If you would like us to send you out a test kit you will need to have a Healthcare Professional to refer you for testing. It’s key that MELISA is used a part of your diagnosis or treatment plan and your doctor or dentist can help you to weigh the risks and benefits.

Please be aware of the following:

  • MELISA testing is currently provided by our specialist laboratory in Germany. It’s possible to send blood from most areas of the US/Canada to arrive within 48 hours at Invitalab, Neuss, Germany by FedEx International Priority, the cost is around $100.
  • MELISA charge an administration fee to send out testing kits. This  fee will be deducted from your final test invoice.
  • You should not be taking immune suppressant medication as this may affect your immune response. If it is not possible to stop medication and the test is non-evaluable,  you may be charged $100 to cover materials.