Patient testimonial


Recovery from debilitating symptoms including chronic fatigue, depression and eczema after titanium knee replacement revision.
   – See testimony of Gaynor Mitchell HERE

Managing multiple sclerosis through removal of dental restorations and detoxification.
   – See testimony of Danelle Filby HERE

Inflammatory myopathy caused by a reaction to metals in orthopedic implants.
   – See testimony of Patricia Hart HERE

Recovery from urticaria, extreme fatigue, dizziness upon standing, low blood pressure, anxiety, constipation, brain fog  after spinal hardware removal.
   – See testimony of Kathryn Clements HERE

Multiple health problems following occupational exposure to mercury and other metals through dental fillings and crowns.
   – See testimony of Ann Arnecke HERE

Disappearance of symptoms from Rheumatoid Arthritis following removal of surgical steel chest wires.
   – See testimony of Dr Pierre Mason HERE

Muscular pain, nausea, severe headaches, fatigue and stomach problems disappear following removal of cranial steel clips.
   – See testimony of Linda Reisersen HERE

Improvement of Parkinson’s disease after detoxification and removal of dental metal restorations.
   – See testimony of Hanne Koplev HERE

Health issues including fibromyalgia and IBS resolved following removal of Filshie clips, amalgam fillings and nickel based crowns/bridge.
   – See testimony of Sue Collins HERE

Titanium the cause of multiple health problems and chronic fatigue.
   – See testimony of Louis Despres HERE

Young woman with chronic fatigue syndrome has titanium plates removed and makes a full recovery.
   – See testimony of Jane Cole HERE