Patient testimonial

Gaynor Mitchell

Recovery from debilitating symptoms including chronic fatigue, depression and eczema after titanium knee replacement revision.

Danelle Filby

Managing multiple sclerosis through removal of dental restorations and detoxification.

Patricia Hart

Inflammatory myopathy caused by a reaction to metals in orthopedic implants.

Kathryn Clements

Recovery from urticaria, extreme fatigue, dizziness upon standing, low blood pressure, anxiety, constipation, brain fog  after spinal hardware removal.

Ann Arnecke

Multiple health problems following occupational exposure to mercury and other metals through dental fillings and crowns.

Dr Pierre Mason

Disappearance of symptoms from Rheumatoid Arthritis following removal of surgical steel chest wires.

Linda Reisersen

Muscular pain, nausea, severe headaches, fatigue and stomach problems disappear following removal of cranial steel clips.

Hanne Koplev

Improvement of Parkinson’s disease after detoxification and removal of dental metal restorations.

Sue Collins

Health issues including fibromyalgia and IBS resolved following removal of Filshie clips, amalgam fillings and nickel based crowns/bridge.

Louis Despres

Titanium the cause of multiple health problems and chronic fatigue.

Jane Cole

Young woman with chronic fatigue syndrome has titanium plates removed and makes a full recovery.