Guide to MELISA® testing


What is metal hypersensitivity? Which symptoms may indicate metal allergy? How does the MELISA test work and is it validated?
Please check our FAQs section for answers to these and some other frequently asked questions.


Before testing it should be established what is your current metal exposure.Click here for more info...

Do you want to test for metal sensitivity before surgery/before having an implant placed?  Click here for more info...


Acessing MELISA testing
If you want to proceed with MELISA testing you will need to send your blood samples to one of our laboratiries. Samples need to be received within 48 hours after a blood draw. From most locations, it is convenient to ship samples to Germany.

Medication & health
MELISA testing measures an immune response. Certain medications with an immune suppressive effect must be avoided 3 weeks before a blood draw otherwise results might be non-evaluable or may cause a significant decrease in the sensitivity of the test. Some other medications should be avoided at least a few hours before a blood draw to obtain the most accurate results. More information on medication is available HERE.
Always check with your healthcare practitioner before stopping any prescribed medication.
Ongoing viral and bacterial infections may cause a decrease in the sensitivity of the test.
If it is not possible to stop taking your medication or if you are suffering from a widespread systemic infection please reach out via our contact form HERE to see if there are any options for you.

Order a test kit
You can order a test kit containing sodium citrate tubes and packaging compliant for international airfreight for shipping blood samples HERE. You need a health practitioner to act as a referrer so that a treatment plan can be put in place depending on your results. It can be your GP, dentist, surgeon, allergist etc. If you struggle to find a referral for our testing here are some clinics that might be able to help. You can also reach to us HERE to check if we have any contacts in your location.

Arrange blood draw
This page might help in case you are unsure who to approach regarding scheduling a blood draw.

Blood samples should be received within 48 hours after which point the viability of white blood cells can no longer be guaranteed. Depending on your location FedEx or DHL are the only recommended couriers. Depending on your location, samples should be shipped only on Monday or Tuesday, or only on Tuesday or Wednesday. The courier should be booked the day before the blood is drawn, so samples can be sent as soon as possible. Before booking pick-up or drop-off check for information about relevant public holidays. Our calendar provides information about public holidays in Germany.

Package and ship the samples
Guide for processing and handling samples for MELISA is available HERE. Include the test requisition form clearly stating which panels/substances are required for testing. Every laboratory will have its own test order form. Patients living outside the EU will need to include paperwork for customs clearance.

Results are usually ready 10-14 days after your sample has arrived at the lab. Generally, results cannot be released until payment is received. The payment method depends on the laboratory used for MELISA.
Curious what your MELISA test results will look like? Check out the sample report.

More information depending on your location can be found HERE.
Can’t find what you are looking for? Reach out via our contact form HERE.