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March 23, 2021 - melisa_wpa

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The Experiences of Patients with Allergy to Metal

Have you been diagnosed with metal hypersensitivity?

We’ve been contacted by researchers at the University of Victoria, School of Nursing, Canada who are running a study called ‘The Lived Experiences of Metal Hypersensitivity.

Researchers are looking for volunteers with diagnosed metal allergy, who have undergone surgical procedures with metal implants (eg joint replacement, stents, plates and rods). This is a chance to gain insight through the stories of patients who have experienced complications from metal allergy. The study aims to gain patients’ perspectives on the importance of talking about metal hypersensitivity prior to surgery to allow fully informed decisions to be made.

What’s involved: two interviews (phone / video) of approx. 90 minutes.

If you have questions or wish to participate you can email the team in confidence at [email protected], giving a brief summary of your personal circumstances or learn more here: